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  • 2016 Proprietary Trading Firm Comparison

    Proprietary trading is the act of trading the markets for a direct gain as opposed to commission dollars. Essentially, this means if you are trading the markets or plan on learning to trade the markets through an online or desktop trading platform, you probably qualify to be categorized as a “proprietary trader”. Although the terminology […]

  • Davis Securities Reviews

    a boutique investment management firm, located in midtown Manhattan. We are deeply committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. We offer extensive research, reliable and fast execution services and personal wealth strategies. In addition to these services, Davis Securities LLC offers trading and prime brokerage services to our institutional clients. Address: 1375 Broadway 10th Floor New York, […]

  • Alpha 7 Trading Academy Reviews

    The Alpha 7 program provides traders the ability to hone their trading and risk-management skills. Designed, developed & narrated by best-selling trading author, Jea Yu. Jea boasts over 15 years of active participation in US Equities, Futures and Options Markets, was voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years and has authored three best sellers […]

  • Belvedere Trading Reviews

    Belvedere Trading is a leading proprietary trading firm. We specialize in equity index and commodity derivatives. Belvedere Trading’s employees act as market makers, ensuring liquidity by laying two sided markets to help provide an orderly market place in the products we trade. We trade electronically from our headquarters in downtown Chicago, and have traders on […]

  • Nonko Trading Reviews

    Nonko is a global trading and private equity firm specializing in equities and forex markets, catering to individual and institutional traders alike. Nonko provides a vast assortment of investment and trading solutions, enabling our clients to manage their trading accounts with ease and precision. Our advanced, industry leading trading technology coupled with our focus on […]

  • America’s Youngest Hedge-Fund Managers

    The mind-numbingly complex world of Wall Street has always been a top destination for some of the best of the brightest – despite the perception of financial executives projected by the media and other interest groups. Yes, Wall Street is crawling with know-it-all ivy-league alumnus analyzing and cranking the numbers with dreams of becoming the […]

  • Proprietary Trading Firms Becoming More Attractive

    These days Proprietary Trading Firms have become very attractive, and this is due to the training programs they provide, and their low fee structure.  A lot of proprietary traders find difficult to trade at home and would prefer working on a trading floor.  Through Proprietary Trading the trader is provided with firm capital, while the […]

  • Dodd-Frank Law, ‘Act of Congress’

    The “Volcker rule,” is basically a ban on proprietary trading by banks. Named after former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, it seeks to prevent Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-insured banks from taking risky bets. There is a very thin line between banned proprietary trading and market-making, which is an effort on behalf of banks t keep […]

  • Debt Segment On Exchanges Brings On Proprietary Trading

    Finance minister P Chidambaram recently stated in a speech that the objective for further developing the debt market, stock exchanges will be allowed to begin contributing to a particular debt segment within some of the exchanges. Banks and primary dealers will be the proprietary trading members.

  • Volcker Rule – Ban Approaching

    The Volcker Rule represents the banning of banks participating in proprietary trading, hedge funds, and private equity investments. Many banks have begun cutting back on proprietary trading activities and liquidating fund holdings.  Other companies are continuing to maintain fund positions and plan to continue right up until the conformance deadline.  Other banking entities are focused […]

  • Trading Rules Too Much For German Firms

    Recently, German proprietary trading firm is apparently closing around the end of this year due to the burden of European regulations on high frequency trading. Cologne Independent Traders formerly under Van der Moolen has begun to wind down its operation while they gear up to shut down their operation later this year. On May 15, […]

  • More Prop Shop in Chicago…

    These days more and more proprietary trading firms are opening up throughout Chicago. Most of the firms that are opening up have more of a focus into options trading and foreign exchange (FOREX), and most of the individuals opening up the banks are people from the large investment banks. According to Fintan Quill, many of […]

  • Proprietary Trading Firms Seeking Market Specialists

    As regulatory and market pressures continue to hit proprietary trading firms, Kershner Trading, a proprietary trading business for discretionary bionic and quantitative traders headquartered in Austin, Texas, has been strategically hiring specialists from markets the like of AMEX and NYSE. In the last few months alone, Kershner has interviewed over a dozen current or former specialists. When […]

  • Proprietary Trading Firms Seek To Diversify Business Models In 2013

    Chicago’s formerly most independent proprietary trading firms (Getco, Hard Eight Holdings, Peak6 Investments and Archelon Group) are scrambling to diversify their business models and product offering in attempts to boost revenue by selling trading services to clients or seeking outside investments from hedge-fund managers. Reports indicate the changes have come about due to pressure from […]

  • Ban on Proprietary Trading?

    Lately United States regulatory authorities continue to meet on a regular basis in order to try and and implement the Volcker Rule, which is a part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and their intentions are to place a ban on proprietary trading.  Along with the potential ban on proprietary trading they plan o […]

  • $1Billion Proprietary Trading Commodity Venture

    Last year before leaving the firm, David Silbert had helped build Deutsche into one of the largest commodities players in banking.  Shortly after leaving  the German lender lightened their exposure in the commodities market due to tougher regulations imposed on proprietary trading. There has also been an adjustment in the way Hedge funds operate, in which […]

  • Cheiron Trading Reviews

    A global proprietary company capitalizing on superior technology and training to achieve results. Address: 161 N. Clark St Suite 1350 Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: 312.284.1230 Web:

  • Chicago Trading Group Reviews

    Chicago Trading Company (CTC) is a highly analytical, team oriented derivatives trading firm that employs a dynamic, disciplined approach to trading across a variety of products and strategies. We take decisive action to position ourselves at the forefront of the financial markets. Address: 440 South LaSalle 4th Floor Chicago, IL 60605 Phone: (312) 863-8000 Web:

  • Buttonwood Trading Group

    Buttonwood Group is a proprietary trading company with direct access to over 40 exchanges. Address: 233 S. Wacker Drive Suite 8600 Chicago, IL 60604 Phone: (312) 348-1350 Web:

  • Cornerstone Trading Reviews

    With a tactical focus on quantitative strategies and equity derivatives, our proprietary trading group works to identify and capitalize on diverse trading opportunities. If you’re interested in working alongside an extraordinary staff of talented, highly-motivated individuals, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always on the lookout for new team members, so take a look […]

  • Cobra Trading Reviews

    At Cobra Trading, Inc. we make customer service our number one priority. This is why you will not find yourself on an automated phone system nor are you left to wait in long phone queues. Each and every call is answered by one of our knowledgeable, helpful representatives who strive to personally answer each one […]

  • Chopper Trading Reviews

    Chopper Trading is a technology-based proprietary trading firm that operates in a range of global markets and trades on several major exchanges. Phone:[email protected] Web:

  • Consolidated Trading Reviews

    Consolidated Trading is a Proprietary Trading Firm specializing in agricultural, currency, energy, ETF, equity, fixed income, and index derivative products. Address: 200 West Jackson Boulevard Suite 2300 Chicago, IL 60606 Phone: (312) 360-7300 Web:

  • Dayson Capital Reviews

    Welcome, Dayson Capital is a private equity fund that operates and invests in a variety of asset classes. Our portfolio companies deal in the following areas. Real Estate , Capital Markets, and Equity Stakes in Private Enterprise.   Email:[email protected] Web:

  • Discrete Trading Reviews

    Discrete Trading offer customer services and support for Proprietary trading firm.  We provide a high level of services and offer correspondence to prop firm in English, Russian, Chinese and French. Email:[email protected] Web:

  • DRW Trading Reviews

    DRW Trading Group (DRW) is a principal trading organization. This means that all of our trading is for our own account and risk, and all of our methods, systems and applications are solely for our own use. Unlike hedge funds, brokerage firms and banks, DRW has no customers, clients, investors or third party funds. Our trading […]

  • DV Trading Reviews

    a proprietary trading firm that executes on all major exchanges across every asset class.  Since 2006, we have leveraged our capital, technology, and unique strategies to generate consistent profits. Address:  216 West Jackson Boulevard – Suite 320 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Phone: 312 265 7745 Web:

  • Eagle 7 Trading Reviews

    Eagle Seven is a privately-held, globally positioned algorithmic trading firm.  Based in downtown Chicago, we’ve assembled a dedicated group of independent thinkers who, on a nearly daily basis, break down barriers to success and find new, cutting-edge ways to continually improve results. Address:  141 West Jackson Boulevard, #1575 Chicago, Illinois 60604 Phone:  312.385.2600 Web:

  • E-Brokerage Reviews

    The e-brokerage system is the most sophisticated, fast and efficient financial broker management system on the market today. Address:  23 Castalia Square Docklands London E14 3NG United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)20 3239 7753 Web:

  • El Dorado Trading Group Reviews

      Eldorado Trading, LLC is a proprietary trading organization capitalizing on various capital markets by recognizing market anomalies and seizing the opportunities within. A disciplined understanding of risk versus reward, quantitative methods, expert technology and a superior training program give Eldorado the competitive edge making them a leader in the electronic trading world. Address:  70 […]

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