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Manuals & Charts:

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Custom Layouts:

1 monitor DAS Layout (1 MONITOR.dsk)

2 monitor DAS Layout (2 MONITORS.dsk)

4 monitor DAS Layout (4 MONITORS.dsk)

**Download file to your Desktop. Open DAS Trader Pro and log into your account. From the options bar, select file –> Open Desktop. Select the layout file from your desktop and select “open.”

HotKey File

Download zip file to your Desktop. Extract ZIP file to your desktop (hotkey.htk). Open DAS Trader Pro and from the menu bar select Setup –> Hotkey –> Browse. Select the Hotkey file from the desktop and click open. Save and quit.



Level II Trading

Level 2 quotes allow you to see every Market Maker and ECNs current bid and ask quotes in real-time. This helps you to see who are the major players in each stock and whether they are looking to buy or sell. Our easy to follow streaming Level II screens let you see all the quotes that the Market Makers and ECNs are showing. You can use Level II data to quickly spot imbalances on the Bid or Ask side. Combine Level II with real-time intra-day charts and time & sales windows and you have the best opportunity to try and trade off of buy side or sell side biases.

Level 2 quotes are available for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTC-BB and Pink Sheet stocks
  • Order types include market, limit, stop and trailing stop
  • Access multiple execution routes including ARCA, INET, NSDQ, BATS, EDGA,  TRAC, SBSH, NITE, UBSS and many more.

Intraday Charts

DAS Trader PRO gives you a wealth of charting capabilities and timing indicators. Choose from a full range of chart types including Price, Candlestick and Bar. Plus, go right into the action with real-time daily charts and intra-day charts. Then ramp up your market technical analysis with advanced indicators (including Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, MACD, Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Trend Lines, Volume, RSI, CCI, DMI and many other popular indicators), trend line studies and drawing tools. All of which are updated in real-time, tick by tick. This type of up-to-the-tick analysis is an incredible advantage for active traders targeting quick momentum moves or for investors that want the best buy or sell price for their longer term trading strategies.

Market View

One of the most exciting and insightful tools is the Market View Quote List Streamer. This real-time streaming quote list serves several functions at once. First, it gives you immediate streaming real-time knowledge of where the securities you’re following are right now. It instantly alerts you when your price or volume targets are met. Second, it provides over 10 data points including Last Trade, Bid & Ask, Intra-day High & Low, Change, Volume and more. You can personalize the quote list streamer by programming in only the stocks you want to watch.

Top List

Pinpoint the hot stocks to trade for the day. Our Top List window allows you to see which stocks are the most active and biggest gainers and biggest losers with just a glance at your screen. Watch as the list of the NASDAQ’s and the NYSE’s most active stocks and highest percentage gainers and biggest percentage losers update on your screen every second. This is a great tool to determine which stocks are “in play” because you’ll see which stocks are the big movers and have posted the biggest gains or losses so far for the day.

As you can see, this easy-to-read consolidated window allows you to see severalcolumns on your screen at once.

Account Manager

The Account Manager is the accounting center of DAS Trader Pro. This window contains two separate areas which dynamically track your positions and buying power. Both of these boxes together help you manage your risk and maximize your trading potential.

The Account box allows you to see your buy powers, realized and unrealized gains & losses, trade tickets and share amounts.

The Positions box shows you all your position data including symbol, shares, average cost, realized and unrealized gains & losses and more.

Trade Manager

Keep complete track & control of your open orders, trades, positions, account balance, realized & unrealized profit & loss, and buying power all in real time. The Orders box lets you see your open orders in real-time, so you never lose track of where your order is in the market. The Trade boxes show you any trades you placed that were executed that day.

Nasdaq Total View

Island Book – Instinet – INET

Display the full Nasdaq TotalView (Formerly known as the Instinet Island ECN book) for the security selected. This information is received directly from Nasdaq (ISLD & INET) on a dedicated line. Under normal conditions, if you look closely at the Island book as compared to Level II Quotes you will see the book may update a fraction of a second prior to the Level II window. This is due to the fact that we are providing the feed directly from Nasdaq. The Nasdaq Total View (ISLD book) is a great tool for pre and post market trading as well.

DAS Trader PRO also gives you access to the ISLD INET ECN route for trading, so you can post a bid or ask that will appear in the book. You can also place an order to execute against any bid or ask that is currently shown in the ISLD (INET) book.

*DAS Trader PRO also gives you direct access to other ECNs and routes including;ARCA (Archipelago), INET (Instinet), BRUT (Brass Utility), OESO (Order Execution Services), SIZE (Super SOES), TRAC (Track ECN) and many more.

Time of Sale

Dynamically updating Time & Sales windows list detailed trade information as it occurs in real time, instantly displaying a color coded list of every trade executed for a security. You see the price, the size, and the exact time the trade was executed. This incredibly insightful tool helps you gauge the support and resistance of certain price points and determine the volume behind each trade.

We also have a ECN time and sales for INCA, ISLD and BRUT.

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Rate This Product or Firm
Rating: 3.6/5 (8 votes cast)
DAS Trader Pro Reviews, 3.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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  1. KMO144 says:

    DAS is a great platform. shout out to Karen for solving the e-signal linking issue asap!

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  2. SERGIO says:

    you know of any company prop firm to use this platform ?

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  3. Chris says:


    Can you please update the links to the layout files?

    Thanks in advance

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  4. Braian says:

    Does anybody knows a prop firm that works with DAS Trader? Thanks !

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