Day Trading Chart Patterns

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  • Motive (Impulse) Waves

  • Corrective Waves

  • Bullish Trend Reversals

  • Bearish Trend Reversals

  • Chart Pattern Statistics


Short-Term Chart Patterns

Short-term patterns are based on the shape and relationship of the candlestick(s) or price bar(s) representing one or multiple consecutive trading days. This includes patterns such as the Hanging Man and the Gap Up. The Technical Analysis is the confirmation that the pattern has formed in the price bar(s). These Technical Analysiss are useful for suggesting possible short-term price movement. They are also useful for supporting or refuting the possible price movement suggested by classic patterns. Short-term patterns are often considered as supplementary information.

Short-Term Chart Patterns:

  • Gap Down Chart Pattern
  • Gap Up Chart Pattern
  • Gravestone Short-term Chart Pattern
  • Hammer Candle Stick Chart Pattern
  • Hanging Man Short-term Stock Chart Pattern
  • Inverted Hammer Stock Chart Pattern
  • Shooting Star Candle Stick Pattern


Bearish Short-Term Chart Patterns:

  • Engulfing Line (Outside Bearish Reversal) Chart Pattern
  • Island Top Chart Pattern


Bullish Short-Term Chart Patterns:

  • Engulfing Line (Bullish) Chart Pattern
  • Exhaustion Bar Chart Pattern (Bullish)
  • Inside Bar Chart Pattern
  • Island Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Key Reversal Bar (Bullish) Chart Pattern
  • Two Bar Reversal (Bullish) Chart Pattern

Classic Chart Patterns

Classic is a term used to refer to a group of patterns that typically have a longer-term horizon (greater than 12 days) and which have distinct price swings such that the price swings form distinctive patterns. The names of classic patterns often reflect the shape of the formation such as the Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders Top, Ascending Triangle and so on.

Bearish Classic Chart Patterns:

  • Continuation Diamond (Bearish) Chart Pattern
  • Continuation Wedge (Bearish)
  • Descending Continuation Triangle Chart Pattern
  • Diamond Top Chart Pattern
  • Double Top Chart Pattern
  • Downside Break Chart Pattern – Rectangle
  • Flag Bearish Chart Pattern
  • Head and Shoulders Top Chart Pattern
  • Megaphone Top Chart Pattern
  • Pennant Bearish Chart Pattern
  • Rounded Top Chart Pattern
  • Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)
  • Top Triangle/Wedge Chart Pattern
  • Triple Top Chart Pattern


Bullish Classic Chart Patterns:

  • Ascending Continuation Triangle Chart Pattern
  • Bottom Triangle Or Wedge Chart Pattern
  • Continuation Diamond (Bullish) Chart Pattern
  • Continuation Wedge Chart Pattern (Bullish)
  • Cup with Handle Bullish Chart Pattern
  • Diamond Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Double Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Flag Bullish Chart Pattern
  • Head and Shoulders Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Megaphone Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Pennant Bullish Chart Pattern
  • Round Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Symmetrical Continuation Triangle Bullish
  • Triple Bottom Chart Pattern
  • Upside Breakout Chart Pattern – Rectangle


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