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Maverick Trading, established in 1997, is an award-winning trading firm that focuses primarily on equity and equity options. We are looking for new trading associates to join our firm and begin trading with our capital. Maverick is designed to create successful and consistent traders by providing a positive trading environment. Maverick will provide you with proprietary tools, specific rule-based tactics and methodolgies, live online training and hands-on trading support. Most of our traders trade remotely from home on a part-time to full-time basis, enjoying the lifestyle of a trader. We are looking for trainable, committed, success-driven people to trade as a career with us. A college degree or prior trading experience is helpful; but, is not necessary. Our built-in risk controls and trading strategies foster trading discipline and confidence in our traders. Our traders keep the vast majority of the profits and the more you earn, the more successful we all become. Once you reach the level of Elite Trader, you will be trading with ample capital with potential to earn over $500,000 per year. Our Capital Sharing Program is an unbelievable innovation in this industry that allows our associates to massively increase their leverage without imposing any additional risks to the trader. Use the registration box on the right to join us in our introductory webinar to see if a career with Maverick Trading is a good fit for you. As you can see, our success depends on your success.


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Rate This Product or Firm
Rating: 3.4/5 (86 votes cast)
Maverick Trading Reviews, 3.4 out of 5 based on 86 ratings

11 Responses to “Maverick Trading Reviews”

  1. Rance Mascheck says:

    Good Firm

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    Rating: +6 (from 10 votes)
  2. Dave Friday says:

    I have been in this business since October 19th, 1987. What a day to start! I’ve interviewed with several firms and was contacted by a handful. I can tell you that Maverick is the real deal. I just finished the training process and the team at Maverick did everything they promised. They have weekly conference calls to discuss the markets and they always respond to e-mails. Maverick is a low cost (relative to most Prop Trading firms) opportunity to become a trader. The process is not an overnight one, and frankly, I would be disappointed if it was too quick and too easy. It took me 6 months to get through the testing process, but I was working a full time job at the time so I’m sure that added time to the process. I have found the Maverick training to be some of the best I’ve ever seen… from beginners to the very experienced. They provide insights and detailed help when called upon. Some of the training videos could be improved and Maverick is never too proud to admit there is room improvement… but if you apply yourself, take your time and try to just sit and listen to what they teach YOU TOO could become a professional trader at Maverick. If you’re looking for a place to start, this is it! I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to join the team of professionals at Maverick Trading!

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    Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)
  3. Richard says:

    Patronizing attitude, several months of training with hidden upfront costs.

    Staff that are not open about the costs of the program.

    90 minute video to watch with more smoke than facts.

    They seem very focused on being ‘impressive’ and charging traders money, but not very focused on getting you live on the markets.

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    • Dewy says:

      I read you comment and just couldn’t resist responding. Are you actually someone who knows what it takes to become a good trader? I’ve been trading for about 16 years and have come across my share of scammers. I’ve contacted Maverick and they definitely look legit. First of all, anyone who knows anything about trading can see that there is a lot of good information just in that 90 minute video you mentioned. Secondly, referring to what you call “hidden costs”, one of the first things that ‘s been brought up every time I’ve communicated with them is to make sure that I am aware of the costs involved in getting started with them. In fact, they even mention it in that 90 minute video. As far as getting live in the markets go, anyone who’s traded knows that going into the market unprepared is suicide. I don’t blame them for focusing on getting you trained before giving you THEIR money to trade in the live market!

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      • David says:

        I watched all 39 of their videos, nowhere, nowhere did they mention the 5k fee and the 200 per month desk fee in any of their Craigslist ads or the videos

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        • Piotr says:

          Maverick is one of the prop firm ‘opportunities’ I have been weary of.

          Just like others which do training and then have you go to a firm to trade, mostly it is smoke and mirrors. For instance, I was with another education firm and then was given the opportunity to trade. $25k test account, $100 max daily loss allowed, $400 target gain after two weeks.

          I found MULTIPLE graduates of the class had major difficulty when the markets are compressed. Even if they passed the testing phase, once they went live, they failed because the $100/day loss. You hit it, they’ll dump you in a heart beat.

          So let’s look at this on a practical level.
          $25K acct
          70% payout
          $2 per trade fee
          (they don’t tell you about desk fees,etc )

          You really can only trade 100/sh at a time because if you mess up you can blow through the $100 loss in a heartbeat.

          Now you are mainly going to be scalping with $10-20 gains per trade. 10-20% just went to trade fees. And you get a WHOPPING 70% after that. How many winning trades do you have to do to make this work and get a decent amount of money?
          Given a 70% win rate on trades…. 20-30 trades per day EVERYDAY…. you have 30% losses which need to be counter acted, so you are actually at only 40% net profitable trades at only 8-12 net profit trades.

          Even if every one of those made you $20, after fees $18, then 70% payout = $12.60 so max you make $144 a day.

          FYI if you were doing that you be beating most Wall St traders. So, let’s cut the hype.

          LEARN TO SWING TRADE IN A *RETAIL* ACCOUNT and build it to over $25k to remove the pattern day trader rules. When you get good at 70% win rate and the 30% losses are minimal with strong stops, then dip your toe into day trading that account. Yes, you will have higher commissions ($5.95-$9.99), but you will be better at is since you are already good and continue to swing trade to make the money. The goal in the day trading is only to be profitable. Even by a penny. Once you have high volume 10-20 trades per day NEGOTIATE with your retail broker. They don’t want you to leave their firm, especially if you are telling them you will leave and go prop. You are a money making machine for them on fees. They want you to stay.

          Negotiate hard and you’ll be happier. You will also still have SIPC protection, vastly superior software, and much easier money management and money movement options (ACH to a bank acct, etc)

          Just my advice after 20 years of trading and recently took a trading education class. Loved the class, hated the ‘placement’.

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          Rating: -1 (from 3 votes)
        • Missy says:

          I just watched a video today and they mentioned the 5k.

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  4. Lee B says:

    Found Maverick on Career Builder and I’ve always wanted to have a career as a trader. I went through the videos and website and I thought everything was very up front and that nothing was hidden. When I talked with the recruiter they made sure I understood the entire process and encouraged me to ask questions. They actually encouraged me to go out online and read about what people are saying about Maverick. I also contacted a few of Maverick’s facebook friends and received a very positive response from one of their current traders. All of this made me more comfortable to make the investment. I’m now 2 months in and I am very impressed. However, I will admit it is more difficult than I imaged as they really force you to refine your trading into a written trading plan with specific detail. Definitely the most worthwhile 2 months I’ve spend studying trading. Looking forward to trading live capital. Will update when that happens

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    Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)
  5. Diana says:

    I have been with Maverick Trading about 2.5 years, and I can’t say enough good things about the firm and the management team behind it. I left a career in finance to pursue my dream of trading with Maverick, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Here is why:

    • Hands-on management team and personal one-on-one coaching for every trader.
    • Great community of traders: We meet as a firm every Sunday night and throughout the week in live online sessions led by the firm’s management team/instructors. Interactive sessions are also held during the week where we can share trade ideas.
    • Flexibility to trade from anywhere. All classes are recorded and made available to traders through their online members’ portal.
    • Comprehensive training program: Covers everything from options basics to more advanced options strategies. It definitely takes time to get through the program (incl. demo trading), but it’s great prep and worth it.
    • Unlimited potential for growth: Incentives between the firm and its traders are completely aligned. The firm only makes profits when their traders do. Unlike many other prop firms out there, no commissions are charged by the firm (just through the broker, and it’s minimal).

    Overall, a solid firm. Would be hard-pressed to find a better environment to trade and should not be overlooked.

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    Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)
  6. Steve P. says:

    I’ll keep it short and sweet:

    1. Delivered what they promised
    2. Funded me with the capital as promised
    3. Added more capital upon success as promised
    4. Pay timely whenever I place a request
    5. Great support when needed

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