Proprietary Trading Firms Seeking Market Specialists

As regulatory and market pressures continue to hit proprietary trading firms, Kershner Trading, a proprietary trading business for discretionary bionic and quantitative traders headquartered in Austin, Texas, has been strategically hiring specialists from markets the like of AMEX and NYSE. In the last few months alone, Kershner has interviewed over a dozen current or former specialists. When asked about the shift away from traditional house-bred traders, CEO and founder Andy Kershner responded:  “Many of these specialists are the consummate traders. It just so happens that they want more control over their own destiny, a concept that is slowly slipping away from them on the floor. They want to be able to trade any stock that is moving and be able to use specialized technology to leverage their trading ideas and abilities.”

Given Kershner’s position as an independent proprietary trading firm, the theory is former market specialists can take their advantageous knowledge of the inner-workings of various exchanges and aggressively advance their careers.

Mr. Kershner further commented:

“What makes Kershner different is that we are an integrated firm, where members trade the firm’s capital and split profits with the firm and yet there’s also a team atmosphere, where profitable traders can share ideas and benefit from the team’s overall success. Another important differentiator at Kershner is that we are a technology company. We have developed and maintained a trading platform that is second to none in the industry. We believe that large technological and operational investments are totally necessary to ensure that their traders are successful.”

Kershner Trading was founded in 1993. Kershner Trading Group is headquartered in Austin, Texas with an office in Chicago and is a member of the NASD/SIPC. For more information, please go to

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