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Rating: 3.6/5 (51 votes cast)
Web: http://www.wtsprop.com
Phone Calls Welcome: +1-617-302-7767

Provides a comprehensive training and support program to create consistent equity traders for new, unexperienced traders.

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Rating: 3.6/5 (51 votes cast)
WTS Boston Reviews, 3.6 out of 5 based on 51 ratings

5 Responses to “WTS Boston Reviews”

  1. lauren s. says:

    wts is a great group to trade with. david is an excellent mentor and an awesome trader. I give my hats off to him for taking time out of his trading to help mentor traders. I’ve traded at a previous firm but the difference is night and day. The contribution is low, the rates are dirt cheap, and the success rate is very high from what i have seen.

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  2. Nick W says:

    I went to one of their open houses, sat behind a guy named David Combs, the guy does the work of Vishnu. Like he has 4 hands. He’s trading 30k share positions, barking at the Boston team, and making call outs into a mic onto a Skype call to like 20 other people, and monitoring the offices positions and risk all at the same time.

    By 10:30 this guy is up $2,000 and asking everyone what they want him to get them for lunch.

    I thought if I paid attention I could duplicate what they were doing when I trade at home, but they were using some SERIOUS top secret software, routing orders to markets I’ve never heard of, and getting some very preferential fills. I asked David about how they tie into markets to get big blocks of shares for so cheap and he smiled and said “you’re watching me do the easy part of my job.”

    The WTS Boston office is fairly unique. This other cat named Matt that works there showed me some of the runs these guys do and they make some serious coin. They trade like 100 million shares a month as a team and I wouldn’t believe it if i didn’t see it myself, but when they showed me the day end results for the last 3 months, I think I saw like MAYBE 3 days in the last three months where the office was negative PnL.

    They were saying I need to take a test, so I’ll probably study for that and try to get in there. Not sure if its true or not, but they were saying they are going to start a waiting list soon cause the demand to get in there is very high, and they have too many new traders starting soon. Who knows.

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  3. Alex says:

    Was invited in for an interview, nice looking trading floor, had a good feel.

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  4. Mike says:

    Just met with these guys last week. Spoke with Matt, nice guy and extremely knowledgeable. Had a good convo on what it takes to make it in this business, especially just coming out of college. He provided some great insight on what I can potentially expect should I join.

    He highlighted the challenges of trading and came across very realistic in his projections of who is and is not likely to succeed .

    Anyone else have any thoughts on WTS ? So far, I like what I see and hear on the street.



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